About US


Our mission is to provide hands-on tangible assistance for the everyday challenges of the special needs community, families, and other charitable organizations.


Our primary function and goal of this JP JumPers Foundation is raising funds to support the efforts of this Foundation for these very special individuals and their unique circumstances

The JP JumPers Foundation intends to positively impact families affected by Autism, Special Needs and Unique Circumstances. Our purpose involves financial assistance to families and individuals, to educate for legislative action to affect promote laws to benefit this population and discourage laws that adversely affect this population, to conduct educational programs to the public and caretakers about the special problems and challenges and encourage tolerance and understanding.  


The JP JumPers Foundation was started by Pam Mines as an Autism Walk Team in 2007 in honor of her son JP, 7 months after he was diagnosed with Autism. Once JP JumPers was established the community was asked to not only financially support the team but promote Autism Awareness as well as “JumPing In” for other community/volunteer projects as well (i.e. Feeding the Homeless, Voter Registration Initiatives, Walks for Breast Cancer, Down Syndrome and Diabetes, Special Olympics Volunteers; etc). Because of all of the “JumPing In” that was happening, Pam decided to start her own non-profit so she could give back in her own way with no restrictions because of a national organizations.

The JP JumPers Foundation established a Board of Directors in January 2013 and was incorporated in March 2013, became an IRS Tax Exempt organization in August 2015, and appointed an Executive Director the same year to manage the administrative affairs of the Foundation.

The JP JumPers Foundation has four distinct areas that are focused on in which to execute its mission and purpose.  They are as follows:


This assistance is executed through fundraising activities where, in turn, donations are made to organizations and individuals to meet their needs. The JP JumPers Foundation has raised funds over the years through Board Contributions, Giving Tree Reception Celebration, JP Law Celebration, Comedy Shows and RVA Talent Show Jump-Up Event Party and Band and Show with proceeds to the Foundation many other events.

Community Programs

Board President and JP JumPers Board and Friends assisted with organizing the Camp Warrior Program. Children with special needs are taught how to play baseball by the Richmond Flying Squirrels Baseball Team. JP JumPers Foundation Giving Tree Event donates gifts to individuals with special needs.  The Special Needs Worship Service showcases the gifts and talents of children and adults with special talents.  This is a free community event where the public is invited to attend.  The JPJF “Wandering Project” provides Project Lifesaver GPS devices, fences, alarm systems etc. to those who wander.

Educational/Outreach Programs

Through the education efforts of the JP JumPers Foundation the Virginia General Assembly enacted JP’s Law.  This law would allow the local DMV to create an ID for those with Special Needs. This ID is helpful in the event a person with special needs is approached by a police officer and they exhibit behavior which may be threatening to the police officer.  Community Public Safety Forum to explain Autism and JP’s Law to the community and Law Enforcement while working together to educate all on the best way to interact to avoid tragedy.  The Board President made presentation at the Crisis   Intervention Training at the statewide annual training to educate on Autism and JP’s Law.

Awareness Projects

RVA Happy in a Special Way Video featuring those with special needs and those who work with special needs in the community.  The “Light It Blue” community event at the Science Museum of Virginia on World Autism Day annually.