Fundraising is how the JP JumPers Foundation is able to do so much for families affected by special needs. In order to accomplish our goal of raising awareness and having FREE outreach events for families, we have to raise money via donations and sponsorships. Though we make EVERY effort to receive in-kind donations for venue, food, musicians, photographers, videographer, etc; oftentimes there are still cost that we simply can not avoid. Receiving donations and implementing fundraising allows us to continue to "JumP In" for families affected by Autism, Special Needs & Unique Circumstances.

When it comes to donations ALL amounts are accepted and appreciated ALL THE TIME!!

Our Founder, Pam Mines is donating her Birthday to the JP JumPers Foundation.  See her post below:

"Join me in supporting the foundation named after my son JP. This year I am donating my Birthday to the JP JumPers Foundation.

My Birthday is December 31st, the ABSOLUTE HARDEST DAY OF THE YEAR TO CELEBRATE A BIRTHDAY, because for the rest of the world ... it's NEW YEARS EVER lol. This year instead of going out and spending money on my birthday, I'd much rather stay home and raise money for my FAVORITE CHARITY!! 

Because I will be 43 this year I am setting my first fundraising goal at $430. All amounts are accepted and appreciated and will have a positive impact, whether you donate $5 or $500. Our mission is to provide support for those affected by special needs through tangible assistance, public awareness, education and partnerships with other organization and your donation will help accomplish that.

Thanks for "JumPing In"!!"

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Click on the above icon for the method in which you would like to donate. Thank you for your support.