• MONDAY - Movie Night (JPJF NetFlix Party or you choose a separate movie for you and your family and watch it together.)
  • TUESDAY - JPJF Challenge Day (Indoor/Outdoor Scavenger Hunt, Virtual Races/Obstacle Courses, Facebook Live Challenge Battles, etc.)
  • WEDNESDAY - Wheels Day (Bikes, Skating, Scooters, Skateboards, Wagons, etc.)
  • THURSDAY - Game/Coloring Day (Video Games, Board Games, Made-Up Games, Download & Print adult/children coloring pages and have a coloring contest etc.)
  • FRIDAY - Karaoke Day (Download a Karaoke App and sing your heart out as a soloist, due or group)
  • SATURDAY - Fitness Day (Set a distance goal and take a walk around your neighborhood)
  • SUNDAY - Family Cooking Day (Choose a recipe that would allow everyone to do something)
  • ONE DAY A WEEK (TBD) - Club Quarantine with Guest DJ’s via song request from Group Homes and Special Needs Families