JPJF Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

As we face the reality of the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19), JPJF has moved to virtual interaction with the community for all activities. We know the special needs community is having a very hard time coping with the abrupt and severe schedule changes that have been happening over the past few weeks. In an attempt to help our community deal with these changes, we are offering some activities and resources that will help you create a personal schedule. Our goal is to help you create some routines for you and your loved one(s) with special needs. You don’t have to do everything on this engagement page, but these are at least some options. Resources, ideas and suggestions noted on this website vary and come from the JPJF and other organizations. It is important that students and adults mimic their daily schedule as it existed before this pandemic as much as possible. If you have suggestions you’d like to share that have been helpful for your family, please share. We are all in this together! Stay home so we can get through this and get back to our lives as we know it. This was certainly not what we planned, but this is what is happening. Take it seriously. We’ll see you again when all this is over. Stay Safe, Be Well and Take Care of yourselves and your family.

~JP JumPers Foundation