Community Outreach is EXTREMELY important to the JP JumPers Foundation. Our goal is to provide services and events for families affected by special needs. JPJF Outreach
takes place in various locations across the Richmond Tri-Cities area via successful collaborations with several non-profit and for-profit organizations who want to "JumP In" for
the Special Needs Community. 

History Makers"Pam Mines is a philanthropist and the president/founder of the JP JumPers Foundation. The foundation's vision is to "JumP In" to positively impact the special needs community. Her diligent and proactive efforts to pass "JPs Law" (inspired by her son JP) impacted not only those with autism and intellectual disabilities but also their families, law enforcement and the wider community. Her passion and determination has inspired many to become involved in her effort to remove the stigma from those with special needs."

In celebration of the Annual Community Update and Awards, we asked Richmond's 2018 History Makers to choose a priority area and share what it means to them.

"My Regional Priority is Healthy Community, however; not necessarily in the "traditional" meaning of healthy. More like a healthy community in the way of inclusion, therefore creating healthy space, healthy thoughts and healthy interactions. Because when all communities are respected, considered and remembered it makes the environment around you positive hence very HEALTHY!!" 

Ticket link:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/richmond-history-makers-celebration-community-update-tickets-42139004898



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