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About Us

Established on January 1, 2013, the JP JumPers Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c3) IRS tax exempt organization geared toward raising awareness for the special needs community. It is EXTREMELY important to us that the special needs community is recognized AS a community. Our goal is to offer FREE community events and share important resources. Our events take place annually in various locations across the Richmond Tri-Cities area.


The vision of the JP JumPers Foundation is to promote inclusivity and awareness that positively impacts the special needs community.


Our mission is to provide support for those affected by special needs through public awareness, education, various resources, and partnerships.


The primary function and goal of the JP JumPers Foundation is to support and assist those with varying abilities and challenges. We advocate for the special needs community by educating on effective ways to take legislative action, promoting laws that benefit this population, and by discouraging laws that adversely affect this diverse group.  We encourage tolerance, understanding, and respect of those individuals with special needs. 



Giving Back

Listening to the needs of the community and effectively responding to it.


Fostering relationships of inclusion for all individuals in the community.


Facilitating partnerships with various organizations to raise funds that enable us to offer an environment of acceptance.


Pam Mines’ son JP was diagnosed with autism at 2yrs old. Having a great desire to ensure that her son felt valued and supported, Pam started the JP JumPers Autism Walk Team in 2007 with just 6 members. By 2013, the walk team grew to over 200 walkers. With a growing number of supporters, Pam and her team joined the efforts for voter registration, feeding the homeless, and other important community initiatives. Recognizing the need for greater inclusion, with the motto of “Jump In”, Pam organized and created the JP JumPers Foundation (JPJF). Her aim was to not only increase awareness of the special needs community but to provide financial support and resources for those families in need. After formation, the JPJF board of directors was established in January 2013 and was incorporated in March 2013. The foundation became a nonprofit 501(c3) IRS tax exempt organization in August 2015.

JP's Law

In 2013, Pam Mines initiated JP’s Law, inspired by her son James Perry (JP) Mines who has been diagnosed with autism and intellectual disabilities.  JP’s Law allows individuals with autism and intellectual disabilities to voluntarily add an innocuous code to their driver’s license or identification card noting that they do in fact have this diagnosis. The code enables law enforcement and first responders to recognize, identify, and verify those who have a diagnosis / special needs. 

Pam understood that those with special needs may respond differently than typical individuals during unusual circumstances; and, that this could put them in harm’s way.  She knew that it was very plausible for something terrible to happen to her own son, because he may have difficulty understanding how to comply with directions given to him. Pam wanted to make sure that law enforcement and first responders understood that these difficulties exist for him and others in the special needs community; and, she wanted to provide a tool to help keep them safe. The focus was to have JP’s Law enacted in honor of her son, not in memory of him.  Pam wants to tell you who he IS not stand before you and tell you who he WAS, following a tragic event. She firmly believes that tragedy should not dictate the need for necessary change; the prevention of tragedy should. 

The special needs community is sometimes overlooked. Having JP’s Law brings awareness and attention to this community. The goal is to make sure that those with special needs are respected, remembered, and considered.  More than 4,300 citizens in Virginia and DC currently have the JP’s Law ID. Pam’s goal is see JP’s Law enacted nationwide.

Arguing Doesn’t Equal Advocacy; however, “JumPing In” Does!!!
~Pam Mines,
JPJF Founder

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